FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)  

What is the Driver Improvement Program? What does it do for me? How often can I take it? The Driver improvement program allows a driver to remove four points from his license every 18 months, as well as receive a ten percent discount off your insurance premium (NB: everyone on the policy must take the course for you to be eligible for the discount).

I've heard about a Driver's Assessment Fee? What's that? Drivers who accrue more than six points on their license are subject to this in addition to any fines; the amount starts at $100/year for a three year period, with an additional $25/year for each additional point.

What causes a suspension? Do I have to worry? How do I clear it? Failure to pay tickets or failure to answer a ticket, not meeting child support obligations, and conviction for being an uninsured driver are the most likely causes for a suspension. Driving while suspended can lead to arrest and a possible jail term.

Why a Warrant? Tickets sent to criminal court (rather than a traffic court) must be answered, or a warrant will likely be ordered for your arrest. A personal appearance will likely be required to vacate a warrant.

What are the consequences of an uninsured vehicle? A conviction of driving while insured can lead to a one-year suspension of your driving privileges in New York State, as well as civil penalties separate from the fines levied by the court. A vehicle discovered to have an insurance lapse will likely have its registration suspended.

What if I wasn't the owner? Non-ownership is frequently a defense if you can claim to be unaware of the vehicle's insurance status. However, if the inspection/registration is expired or missing, your ability to claim ignorance is dramatically reduced.

Do out-of-state tickets affect my license? New York has reciprocity agreements with some states, not all. However, your license will be suspended if you fail to pay the out-of-state fine, and the New York State DMV is notified.

What is an out of service violation? Why can't I just show proof of repair like any other problem? An out of service violation is one that requires the vehicle to be taken off the road until repaired- many OOS violations under the transportation law (usually brakes/steering/coupling/unsecured load) are considered especially hazardous, and as such are subject to fines regardless of whether repairs are made

Why is DMV telling me that I can't re-register my vehicle? What can I do about it? Occasionally the registration of a truck is suspended for non-payment of fines and insurance lapses. We can help determine whether these holds can be cleared, or if the plates need to be surrendered.


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