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We are an affiliation of full service law firms specializing in the area of moving violations, Transportation Law infractions and equipment summonses in courts throughout New York State.

We have particular experience representing trucking companies and commercial drivers, and are committed to providing quality legal services at a reasonable price.

All of our attorneys have years of experience in traffic related matters, and are well-versed in court procedures and policies. We pride ourselves on our ability to protect our clients’ interests, and to provide legal services at a reasonable cost.

While it might seem to be more cost-effective to appear for yourself, that isn’t always the case. Not all Courts are the same- in some courts you are able to reach a settlement, while other courts do not negotiate. Our attorneys are familiar with the policies of each court, and can explain your options and advise you on the best courses of action.

Additionally, in New York State, corporations are required to obtain counsel- corporate officers are generally not permitted to appear for the company.

Drivers should remember that if the tickets are written in their name, they are responsible for those tickets and risk suspension or a warrant for their arrest if they do not answer them. A corporation may be substituted for the driver, with no risk to their ability to do business in NY State, but certain legal forms are required to do this.

Finally, not only can our attorneys possibly save you from higher fines and possible driver suspensions, but we can also save you time by appearing in your stead. Most Courts do not require the individual defendant’s appearance if they are represented by counsel. Again, certain legal forms are required.

If you have questions about a ticket received in New York State, or if you have questions about how NYS regulations affect your trucks, please call us for a free consultation.


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